Day 232 Jeepey McJeepface came home!!!!! 🤯

Well I slept like a log last night. That day of anxiety has taken its toll but actually in a good way. I love that feeling of not being able to wake up.

I did however dream like a crazy person last night. Wow. It was so fast and surreal that I couldn’t even begin to explain it. Don’t have a clue what it means but that’s fine too as I slept!

So off out with the dogs and forgot my hat! It’s chilly today. It was the wrong day to forget. I had to put my hoody up and tie it under my neck….. there will be no photo of that coming next…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Off to Spiers school grounds today
Not the prettiest of photos as they are knackered from running and want to do more but hey….. 🌺

Forgot to mention Remembrance Day yesterday, we usually do a post with the pups with their poppies on. I had a 2 mins silence in Home Bargains yesterday which is really strange to me as I always had the silence at work. as if the world isn’t strange enough right now, we’re wearing masks, trying to stay out of each other’s way and we all stop where we are on the shop and don’t move for 2 mins. It was actually really special. There was, of course, the obligatory family who thought it was a two minute stand still but keep talking about the make up on the shelf…. other than them it was a lovely moment to share with strangers.

I was actually a little sad this morning at the lack of leaves on the trees. Everything looked a little bare.

I just need to find new things to look at!!
Just this 💜
She was loving a paddle! I see it as feet washing so we don’t have to get the hose out!!
Desperate for me to do….. something…. anything!!!
Dark, watery sun today

In shock news that we almost can’t actually believe… the Jeep is fixed!!! I mean like wow. We can take the hire car back tomorrow finally. £500+ for the pleasure. Makes you truly appreciate what you have.

Here he is checking it at the garage.
The view from our front window!

I’ve spent the afternoon clearing out my wardrobe which is a task that I love the outcome of but hate the being in the middle of it!! I know have a bad for charity, a bag to go upstairs and a bag for the bin. A clear closet is a clear mind somebody once said. I think it will be when I get over the stress of where to put everything that came out of it!!

More good news in that Abbie’s transformation is coming along really well! She has rear windows and curtains and her floor and furniture are all in!

Exciting news

So after all that excitement I’m tired now. I have a wheels tonight while Craigs working and yet I’ve decided on a coorie up with Freya while I write the blog and maybe have a wee nap. It’s been a while. Freya seems to love my new room as much as I do. She’s here whenever I am. Never pesters me just sleeps while I work. It’s precious.

Added a wee funny that will appeal to Craig at the end!!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

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