Day 222 all the little ducks in a row 🦆 🦆 🦆 and I haven’t stopped ALL day 🥴😆

So I know that those who know me well will fully believe in my ability to talk all day but I just did not stop all day. Given that I’ve been off sick for so long there is usually a time in the day where I will read, nap, crochet etc but this move towards reality means there is less time for that.

7am alarm

7.30am dropped Abbie the van down into Tartan Campers for her renovations into Abbie the camper van!!!

Here she is all apprehensive about getting her roof cut off… left in the yard… why am I actually sad about that?!? Oh my god I am!!!

9am-12.30pm getting my hair done by our lovely hairdresser literally across the road.

Elaine has a lovely wee salon in the back of her house now. Built during lockdown. Got a balayage.

Very natural and sun kissed looking in my old woolly jumper!!
This one didn’t show the colour at all!!

Anyway, love my hair and great to have a good chat with Elaine!

12.45 until about 5.30pm I just talked on the phone to customers, family, friends… the phone just didn’t stop. I missed calls when I was speaking to one person and then missed more calls when I called them back.

Anyway it’s been lovely to talk to everyone but in my new found self loving world I do need a lot of silence too. I am sitting in front of the fire with my mouth firmly shut!!

Funny I would always have said I was an extrovert but these last few years have showed me just how introverted I actually am. I need some time every day just to be otherwise I meet myself coming backwards. So many sayings that we use just do not look right written down!!

Will sleep tonight.

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜🖤

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