Day 207 oh I do like to be beside the seaside! 🚐🌊⛴☁️

A cloudy day today but that’s ok…. it’s still the calm before next week’s storm I think.

Someone’s alarm went off at 6am again so when Craig’s awake everyone’s awake. Didn’t get up until 8 but feel like it must be time for bed now and it’s only after 3pm.

Not as picturesque when cloudy but a wee trip to the seaside!
Today was not unpleasant but I read this as I was eating cake in Costa snd I guffawed out loud 🤣🤣🤣
I had a coconut milk honeycomb cappuccino. I mean wow! 🍯 ☕️ and a giant piece of Tiffin cake 🍰

I sat in Costa for the fist time since COVID I think. You have to scan the QR code for the shop 🏬 so that you are checked in for the track and trace. It’s much better than having to use the same pen as everyone else. Technology at its best.

I then had a wee wander round the charity shops…. may have mentioned how much I like a charity shop. Picked up 4 tops and some books. Feel that I’m donating to charity even if the things don’t fit I can give them back to charity next time I do a drop off.

Every shop has antibacterial hand gel dispensers as you walk in the door. Some are runny and take ages to dry, some are sticky. You just never know what you’re gonna get until you’ve got it. Got chatting to a man in the Red Cross charity shop and he said that their helpers are all over 70 so can’t come back into the shop to work snd he can’t take anyone else on just now as he can’t get close enough to train people to use the till etc. Tough times.

Sat here and had a chat with mum. It’s not cold but the hand holding my phone felt like it was going to fall off 🤣🤣🤣

I am prone to exaggeration at times… I managed to go into the Pound Basket and come out not having bought any wool. I have more than enough at home. Still quite proud I resisted. It took me about 842 goes to get out of my parking space in the seafront car park today….. ok more realistically, at least 10! Honestly it’s the first time i though Abbie might actually be stuck but I went back and forwards like a machine until I had enough space for the turn. Without hitting anything!! I panicked for a few seconds then just took a breathe and kept at it until I got out.

I’m writing the blog early today as I need to stitch in all the loose ends on Craigs crochet blanket. But I can’t be bothered as it’s a long job… there are sooooo many ends!

Transforming that negative into a positive… once I’ve done it the blanket will be finished and it’s taken me months of procrastination to get this far!

Wow 😳
I am much stronger now than I was. 💕
I can read this now and know that it’s true!

So in very happy news I have a very happy husband tonight. The old firm game went his way! (The reason I disappeared to Largs!) he has now stopped the movie we are watching 5 time already to ask me questions about decorating different parts of the house. I made him promise that he won’t stop it one more time…..

Think this kinda sums him up…

We have Gateside Inn takeaway tonight! I have Enchilada….. heaven on a plate through strangely with chicken which I’m not really eating just now but I’ll allow it for Enchilada! 🧡

Stay safe everyone 🧡❤️🧡

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