Day 192 what a beautiful day!! ☀️☀️☀️

I woke up for an hour or so when Craig went to the gym but then couldn’t move at 8am when we had to take Abbie the campervan to the garage. She has a leak in her exhaust manifold and a very noisy heating fan!

The mist settling in in the valley. This was a 5x zoom in the iPhone 11 Pro still loving it!
Made Craig stop on the way back so I could take photos! He’s used to it now tho!!
Stunning views out over the Garnock Valley and towards Arran. Not a cloud in the sky ☀️

So I made the decision to go with Craig to his job in Greenock so I could walk the dogs in a change of scenery. Yeah I have these ideas and they seem lovely and romantic…. walking dogs beside the sea on a beautiful day…. the reality is a weeeeeeeee teensy weensy bit different from that I have to say.


Craig said this is a stunning view but the sun disappeared as we came down the hill into Greenock.

Maybe my anxiety but Calaidh was beyond excited when we drove off and left Craig.. even Bhru was to a certain extent. By the time they got to the park they all wanted to run a marathon not be stuck on the lead with little old me!

They may look cute and gorgeous and well behaved

Do you know… as I type that I realise I should correct myself. Even in that heightened level of excitement I got them to sit while I put their harnesses on and wait until I took a pic, put their leads on and then let them out. I need to see that for what it is. It just felt stressful at the time.

Another pic while they just wanted to run!!
The sea from Battery Park – its cold and misty
Exploring the Jetty
What’s down here?!?!
Bhru looking all cool calm and collected!
Then found a wee beach bit away from all the other walkers where I felt like I could relax a bit more
Mist rolling in from the sea!
Calaidh having fun
Whatcha got mumma!!? Just the camera…. again…. 🤣
Back up in the park for a run around
The sun trying to burn through

Of course now that I’m back in the Jeep waiting on Craig outside the clients house…. the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

I can see this morning that all that stress self generated. I didn’t want the dogs to upset anyone by running fast up to them or past them, didn’t want them to not come back, didn’t want them to pull on the lead so I looked like I couldn’t control them. I pretty much manifested what I got. I now have wet feet too 🤣🤣🤣

Goat Fell zoom in from a moving Jeep!! No bad eh?!
Heading down the coast from Greenock to Largs
The sea is glistening in the sun!
The Cumbrae Ferry
I left these 4 here while I went to get coffee
Forgot my mask but thankfully had my buff with me! (Strange eyes 👀!)
Sat here and ate lunch
There were kids throwing stones in the sea behind us! Freya clocked them!
Now Calaidh’s on it too!
Not a cloud in the sky!
We went home via the Fairlie Moor road – this is the view back inland

Such a beautiful day honestly I feel so alive when the sun shines and I see beauty everywhere.

Once home I made some Pawsitive Solutions calls and sat in the sun! Felt so hot it was lovely. Claire popped into the garden for a cuppa as the weather forecast says this is the last day without rain for about 2 weeks…… let’s see how cheery I am then eh?!? 🤣

The bathroom floor has been levelled today and out in the hall so we can’t walk on it until 11pm tonight! Our spare bathroom is in there too…… My legs are crossed. Long legs Craigie can jump it but I’d have to monkey bar across and that’s no’ happening…. 🤣

A lovely day today. I may have mentioned that. I say it again.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

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