Day 162 full of gratitude today for some reason… let’s not question it…. ❤️❤️

I had the most amazing sleep last night. I think I deserved it after surviving everything yesterday threw at me! I am also grateful that Craig showed me how to get some predictive thing up on the screen so I even get predictive emojis to choose from! 😊

Ok for those of you who have had this for years then we’ll done you but for me this is a whole new 🌍

I mean like 🤩
So this happened last night and we realised East Renfrewshire comes as close to us as Lugton so we just missed out and aren’t affected by the tightening rules
A very good way to look at the new day

Volunteering today but Craig phones to say the Jeep needs a fan belt and a fan belt tensioner so I spent the morning trying to source the Jeep parts and explaining why I randomly didn’t turn up at peoples house last week! (If you remember they thought I was on holiday so the guys took my deliveries before I got there!)

One lady asked for my number so her niece could get in touch with me about crochet. I do hope she wants to learn how to do a granny square as that’s all that I can do!

Still no luck with the Jeep parts… 🤯

One man leaves his gates open if he goes out for a wee walk in the mornings. He takes the car then walks from the car. It was pouring with rain today and his gates were open so I drove past twice but his gates were still open so he was still out. Come back to this later…..

The next lovely lady was worried something had happened to me!!! She was worried there was something wrong with the dogs or that she had said something to upset me… awww isn’t that dreadful. So they all know that I am on holiday next week and won’t be delivering.

This is where it all goes even more pear shaped……. as I jump back in Abbie I realise that there’s a letter for this lady that I forgot to give her. Jump out the van, run to her door in the rain. Shove the letter in the letterbox and run back to the van as I hear a click. The van has locked. The keys are inside the van…. the van had locked. Who even knew that was a thing?!? In all my years I have never locked my keys in the car. I didn’t think for one second the car would lock with the keys in it?!? But it did….. I’m outside in the rain with a T-shirt on and thankfully my phone!! 📱

So I have to go into her house to keep dry and stand just in the front of the living room. I phone Holly from next door who is out.. I phone Eddie from the Beith Trust who is in Dalry but he’s on his way back so he comes to get me and bring me back up to the house for the spare key… of course I don’t have the house keys so I popped into Claire’s to wait for Holly coming home! Holly is the keeper of the spare key!!! 🔑

Very randomly this morning I made a huge thing of locking and checking all the doors (maybe because I keep locking the dogs out….) but any other day I’d be able to get in. Safety first today just so that could inconvenience everyone else including myself….. happy days!

Her gorgeous cat Bruce Springsteen comes to check me out!
Then he has a weeeeee stretch!

Holly then arrives with the key and drives me back down into Beith so I can continue my deliveries. 🚚 📦

By this time I finally finish and get back to Geilsland it’s after 2pm. I put everything away including the food for the lovely man who was out…. by the time I got up to the office I found out he wasn’t out and wandering where I was and couldn’t understand why his gates were open!!! So in future that can’t ever be a sign that he’s out… poor thing wondering where I was and I was just driving past…… so finally home by 2.30pm…… shattered! Holly has left me a bottle of Nosecco and a bag and bar of chocolate!!! 🍫 🍾🥂 so very lovely! I messaged her to say she’s the only person ever that does ME a huge favour and then gives ME a gift!!!

Then got my holiday nails done 💅🏼 by Katie sho lives 2 doors up. This is the village that keeps on giving!

Still waiting to find out when the Jeep will be ready but I got into bed 🛌 just before 5 and I plan to stay here until crochet 🧶 at 7pm!

I am soooo tired with all the mental stimulation that the last few days has brought. I am still smiling and getting through it all which is something to be proud of.

This has been the longest journey…..
This made me laugh!
Bhru sniffing out the meadow garden
I actually love this. My progress is mine and it’s going to my timescales
Thank you so so much to everyone who’s joined my page. Your comments mean the world to me!

Stay safe everyone 🔑🔑🔑

6 thoughts on “Day 162 full of gratitude today for some reason… let’s not question it…. ❤️❤️

  1. Hello I’m now on the email version 😁 so I had a car that did this too and only found out when it done it!! My ‘now’ car doesn’t do it. Now you know it won’t happen again lol x

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