Day 161 some days are really sent to try you… and I survived!

Morning everyone it’s 5.55am and I’ve already been awake for over an hour as today is Craig’s gym day…. it’s also the day my lovely mum goes in for surgery. I’ve not written about this before as it’s her business.

I went to bed early last night having spoken to to her at 8pm and told her the phone would be on all night if she needed me. So pleased she’s in a wee room by herself with her own bathroom. I was out for the count and woke up with such a start at Craig’s alarm at 4.45am!! Thankfully I haven’t missed anything from her as I’d have felt dreadful offering that support and sleeping right through…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ though I bet nothing would surprise her. By the time I publish this it will hopefully all be over and we can breathe a wee sigh of relief.

There’s a fair bit of COVID news to catch up on so I’ll get some of that out the way today in an emotionless “talk about something else” kinda way 😌

Mum had to have a COVID test on Saturday and as suspected it came back negative. The test involved a swab to the back of the tonsils and a swab right up at the very back of your nose which feels like it’s coming out of your head!! Pretty uncomfortable but over in seconds. All done from your seat in the car! Told her I was proud of her as she’s the only person I know to have gone throw it.

Very sad to read this. The US seems to have been in turmoil in dealing with covid-19. Doesn’t help that President Trump is so flippant about it…

So all good up until this point and then the day goes crazy…. 🤯 went out this morning to get some last minute stuff for our bathroom refurb next week… tile adhesive, downlights, extractor etc… so I’m trying to drive around Irvine to pick up all this stuff and I’m getting calls from dog behaviour clients trying to book (all good) and then the call comes from the garage……

They won’t fix Craig’s Jeep. We’ve been waiting for this appointment for over 2 weeks and we even had the parts and they wouldn’t touch it once they realised what the job entailed. 🤯😱🤯😱🤯 gutted doesn’t even come close. Fuming. Raging. Angry. Inside.

Of course I don’t show any of that and I tried to appeal to his better nature, I mean we are taking the Jeep on holiday on Friday morning…… 🏕🏔 THATS ONLY 3 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL MY HOLIDAY AND YOU’RE TELLING ME WE WONT HAVE A CAR?!?!? Again…. all inside while smiling sweetly but looking politely confused as to why a garage won’t fix a car just because it’s big. I lose. Garage wins.

So lots of WhatsApp chat with the Overland Bound guys who were so helpful with suggestions. Honestly I love the support these guys show each other. A couple of them even offering to do the work for us if we could get it up north to them. I phoned loads of garages as did Craig when he wasn’t working. Nothing. We can get it fixed anywhere on 22nd September… handy….. did I mention we go on holiday Friday and that’s the 4th!!!!

So to cut hours out of the day…. we finally got it in somewhere who will not promise to get it ready for Friday but promise to try…. that’s something right?! I told the guy that I would set up a deckchair in their yard just so he would remember us and work on the Jeep…. he laughed. Part of me was not kidding…. 🤔🙄

Needed to get some work done and make some calls for Pawsitive Solutions which is actually a welcome distraction from thinking (ok yeah, worrying and stressing) about everything else. Booked the 3 I spoke to. Boom.

Nice chat with dad as mum now in HDU and he actually got to speak to her…. then a message came through to our family group chat. So lovely to hear from her!

It’s now 7.48pm and I have just sat down to catch up with this and poor Craig’s STILL out at work. It’s been a very long day and we’ve both had so much thrown at us. I only snapped maybe once or twice and we both agreed that the anger was over the garage and the Jeep and not at each other.

That reminds me that I have been really struggling with my concentration over the last few days and have closed the sun room doors while the dogs are still out the back… locked Bhruic out on Sunday so she made a bid for freedom… think she tries to get round the front to see if we’ll let her in there. 😥

On the way to out to the garage today Craig realised the Bhru and Calaidh were both shut out. Bad dog mumma. I know how serious it is if they get out but I am doing so much without thinking clearly. I now have to count 3 dogs….. every time. Craig shouted bye when he left and said “see you all tonight, HOPEFULLY…….” 😬😬😬😬😬 #cringe

So glad that today is nearly over. Expect tomorrow to be a breeze as we’ve done our share today thanks.

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡❤️

4 thoughts on “Day 161 some days are really sent to try you… and I survived!

    1. So proud I did tbh as it was just one of those days. Mum didn’t have a great night but that’s hardly surprising I suppose! Xxxxx


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