Day 142 shopping with mum!! 🛍🛍🛍💜

Slept like a log but apparently kept Craig awake all night with my “gentle snoring” yeah right, I don’t snore….. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Up early to head over to Livingston For a wee retail therapy day with mum. It was scorching when I left and 19c but It clouded over at Harthill and was a kind of damp mist by the time I got to Livingston! I went via the Orignial Factory Shop in Bathgate as I heard they had Rocket Dog trainers on sale…. got the pair I wanted…. Sooooo chuffed with them! I have totally copied my friend Evelyn who got them yesterday so just putting it out there. She got them first… I copied… no shame…. 😆😆😆

So yeah met Mum at 10 and had a wee Costa Coconut Latte for a late breakfast.

Love this tribute to key workers in the Livingston designer outlet!
Of course we had to mask selfie!

So the designer outlet shopping centre is all one way traffic now. Everyone goes in one door and all the way around the centre to go out the other door. It’s a long way to walk if you want the M&S Retail Outlet store as that’s nearly at the end of the one way system. There are arrows on the ground to show you which way to walk at all times. Most signs said 2m distance though in the toilets it said maintain 1m where possible. Every second sink is closed off, with every other hand dryer too. There were GIVE WAY signs on the entrance to the loos so that no one bumped into each other.

Almost everyone was wearing a mask, not just in the shops but throughout the centre. Each shop has an entrance and an exit and stores with multiple entrances have closed them off so that they can control the number of people inside. Almost every store had hand sanitiser on entrance. Shoe shops had disposable pop socks if you had bare feet, no changing rooms are open so you can’t try anything on.

A wee pic of Livingston designer outlet – signs on all the poles saying stay two metres apart.
Cafe Nero -Mum got tea and the milk came in the wee espresso cup… too cute not to take a pic and mum is wandering off in the background to look for a napkin!
Had to take a mask selfie in the Cadbury’s shop!! Brought Craigie a wee cute Cadbury’s bag of sweets…. hmmm more for me than him maybe?!?
M&S Designer Outlet tills all have screens to separate the customers from the staff serving
A wee non mask selfie before we headed home

Everything is so strange and it really makes you wonder what we are going through when you see how strange our world has become. It’s really quite sad. We would have laughed if you told us this in January…. utterly ridiculous and yet we are living through it now.

So home and onto Pawsitive Solutions calls and didn’t finish until after 7. There’s a wee bit of stress underlying just now as I can’t fit urgent jobs in as soon as possible as everyone is so busy. That’s a huge trigger to make me want to have a glass of wine. I still don’t know how to chill out without it. Well I do but I don’t know how to chill out without feeling sorry for myself that I can’t have a glass, I feel left out. I can join in but it’s not much fun sitting with a can of Diet Coke. I know it’s my choice but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. I don’t trust myself to go to the pub with everyone just now so just gonna sit and chill in Grans chair…. with a Diet Coke. Making a saving!!

At 7.28pm I noticed there were no birds in the Ivy….. 7.33pm it came alive!!!! I need to find out why the birds all fly into it at exactly the same time every night.

Off to find something for dinner, feeling a bit meh but it’s fine, I’ll pull myself out of it and keep plodding onwards. Sorry for a wee moan. I have booked 4 jobs today so it’s all good.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

4 thoughts on “Day 142 shopping with mum!! 🛍🛍🛍💜

  1. Josy snores and it does my head in. I normally have to roll her over.😂🤣 Or nudge her and say your snoring, roll over.. It’s only when she’s on her back.
    Never heard of a coconut latte. I must try that because I love coconut. Can’t stand public toilets and even more so now😱 good description of what it is like at the moment and keep hold of it. I saw something about collating this kind of stuff in writing but I can’t remember the context. I’ve said it before but I don’t know how you do it, living next to a pub. Glad you got through it and as you say saved money. It’s OK to get stressed, we’ve just got to ride it out. I can’t stand being in a pub with multiple people who are drink. Cannot get on that level at all.

    Great blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for that!! Great comments. Coconut latte is just made with coconut milk a milk alternative and it doesn’t taste massively coconuty tho!! X


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