Day 140 a busy day in hot sun!! ☀️☀️

Well…. the fresh air only conked me out for 1 night. Wide awake at 5.30am this morning. Up with the alarm at 8 and now can’t stop yawning!!!! 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

So you may be aware that we are currently a 3 car family…. flash maybe, but definitely not today… ALL 3 CARS ARE IN THE GARAGE!!!! All of them at the same time and not necessarily a fault of our own…

  1. Jeep…. Duskview in Barmill do not seem to want to let it go. Every day they say it will be ready and then every day it will suddenly be tomorrow… they’ve now had it for 12 days.
  2. Abbie the camper… in Glengarnock MOT Centre to have the rear paint work repaired.
  3. Beetle now in Glengarnock MOT for MOT and a service

So yeah…. we should get the Beetle back tonight… the Jeep maybe today but who actually knows?! Whatever they say the opposite seems to happen. Then the van should be back by a Friday. Then we can relax. Get selling the Beetle again with MOT until Sep 2021 and full service.

So Holly picked me up at the garage after I’d dropped the Beetle off and stared around for the van! We then went down to Irvine to the Cash & Carry and to Tool Station for some parts to finish off some work being done in the pub kitchen. Tool Station is click and collect only just now with a wee desk at the front door.

Big day tomorrow in Scotland and the majority of schools return for the first time since 20th March when the COVID-19 pandemic put us into lockdown.

Strange times as teachers are in Gateside Primary to get everything ready for the kids to return. Been a long time since we’ve seen the school looking busy…. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It makes me feel slightly uncomfortable…. I think it’s because it’s another step towards “normal” and my old normal doesn’t exist anymore. I think it’s just a reminder that my “new normal” needs to fit in with everyone else’s normal, if that makes any sense at all???!

Duke University have carried out a study on the suitability of all the different types of face masks which I thought I’d include below.

Also read this morning about the first socially distanced music venue has been set up in Newcastle. I thought this was pretty cool!! Still not sure how they will get folk in and out but I quite liked the idea and maybe it will open up gigs to more people soon.

So the sun is back out today after some heavy overnight rain and it’s hot. I’ve made the mistake of eating a lot of sweets this morning as I was tired and hungry and now I feel worse as I’m probably on the sugar crash!

Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo 2 of the cars are suddenly ready though the Jeep still needs front near side bearings but he’s got it back for now!! While we were picking up the beetle we saw Abbie the camper van a work in progress!!!

It was smack bang in the middle of the forecourt when I got there. They must have seen me looking for it this morning!! Cannot wait to get it back all finished!

Craig doing his dog behaviour bit with the lovely German Shepherd at the garage!

Came home and into the pub for a couple of diet cokes in the sun. Its really hot and lovely to sit out.

Claire & I took the dog out in the early evening when it was a bit cooler but still sticky!

A very busy day and feel like I haven’t stopped but it’s been good!

I couldn’t have done it without you all xxx

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

2 thoughts on “Day 140 a busy day in hot sun!! ☀️☀️

  1. That would drive me crackers being told times vehicle’s would be ready only to fail. I’d be on phone every 3 hours chasing it up. Haha. I ain’t kidding either. I don’t trust them so normally I wait and then stick my head in garage and quiz them and watch half the job. 😂🤣😂 I bet it does their head in.

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