Day 136 and finally… relax.. ☀️🦋☀️🌈☀️

What a beautiful start to the morning. Its hot, there’s no breeze and everything is calm…. I am trying to sit outside in my own silence and I’ve had marrow bones given to me by Calaidh, Freya trying to get me to throw the ball and Bhruic wanting cuddles.

I will start again, I am sitting outside in the sun trying to just be in my own silence…. nope now the bone is being dragged across the sunroom floor and Freya and Bhru are jumping around at the “lovely” sound it makes on the stone tiles.

Oh now Calaidh’s barking starts the sound of a van outside…. “the Asda shop is here Auntie Claire” such a wonderful dog trying to keep the neighbours up to speed with their deliveries. 😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

In a rare moment of silence all I hear are the birds and the bees… no not that kind.. the actual kind 🦅🐝 ok and there are no eagles either but you get the drift. I used to scream like a loony every time something buzzed near by me but I don’t know if it’s come with age or it’s just the meds numbing my emotions, but these days I don’t even flinch. It’s fascinating to watch bees on the flowers.

Oh magic…. just broke the bench I’m sitting on…

You honestly have to laugh…. it’s almost as if life keeps throwing me sh*t to make this blog funny. Enough already ok.

Love the sunshine ☀️☀️☀️
Less o’the snacks though pet….

I went off to apply sunscreen there as it really is that hot… not complaining! Then spent probably close to 3 or 4 times following my steps around the house looking for this goddamn phone to continue my inner silence. It is not going well but I am smiling as I type this so I’ll take that as a positive. 2 days ago I’d have been short of breath at everything that’s “gone wrong” this morning. It hasn’t “gone wrong” it’s just life.

I came cross this lovely post below by Brené Brown who set me on the path to reading about how true healing comes from vulnerability. It was shared by a group on FB called Conscious Community. This is lovely….

I feel like I could have written that myself… not that I’m anywhere near as prolific as her but it was like she was writing my story too. I cannot go back and make my details pretty either but I do plan on staying awkward, brave and kind. Think that might be my new mantra. ❤️

Sun’s gone in… lathered in factor 30 and 15… 🤦🏻‍♀️😳

Was invited to a wee picnic dog walk with Rachel and Nacho (2 doors down) and wee Rachel with Leo from next door at 11am so room Bhru & Freya with me as Craig was raking Calaidh off to work.

The old golf course grass is so long and wee Rachel turned up with her new school trainers on and white socks… to be fair they only got a wee bit wet and that’s where I need to chill out a bit… stick ‘em in the wash and they’ll be fine!
Nacho and Leo…. the two cuties
Bhru was off having a wee wander around
She then found a wee shady spot at my feet to lie down in the shade
Bhru heard something!!
Nacho saying hi
Bhru just splats down nearly the water bowl
Check these 2… could they be any more cute?!?
Really impressed with the phones zoom too!
Managed to catch this with the dogs in the background 🦋🦋🦋
A collie-flower
The field is so amazingly green after it’s been cut and then poured on for days!!
Heading home now
Wee Rachel the dog whisperer
Just beautiful
Leo is carrying a big stone in his mouth so he’s heading down the road not messing with the others
These two are in cahoots again!
Nacho is leaving Leo to it!
I love this camera!!!!!!
Almost home
And the cockapoos like to meet on the wall!

I have had the loveliest of lazy days sitting reading my book in the sun. That’s what sunny days are all about.


Had Claire in front next door for a wee chat and juice in the sun and Craig and I are sitting on the decking with the fire pit heating up to cook dinner. Think we’re having fish, potatoes and salad. Cooking the fish on our skillet pan and the potatoes from the garden boiling on the fire too!

It’s definitely an outdoor day for us Avery’s.

Oh and just had a message from the guy who bought the roof top tent… it would appear he has my reading glasses….. they must have fallen off when I was in the tent. Least I know where they are?!?! You can imagine my fear when he sent pictures saying I’m guessing these are yours………. it could have been anything?!??!!! Phew!!!

A very serious thought to end but it’s so true.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

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