Day 134 anxiety and tension takes its toll 🤯😡and…. relax… 😔

What a lovely thought to start with

Had a good laugh with the Crochet Hookers last night. I’ve got them all on alcohol free Gin now so they can still drive home! I managed to do one more full square for Craigie’s blanket which was a bonus too and no mistakes this time just because I was chatting. We’re awake at 6 this morning and it’s misty and damp looking outside but it’s meant to heat up today so hope the sun burns it away soon. No more rain today I hope. That’s been soul destroying!!

There is blue sky!!! Actual blue sky…
It’s hot and quite damp due to all the rain over the last few days… it was a bit too hot for wellies though!! #sweatylegs
The burn is pretty high
Would still love to camp here!
Is tongue out Thursday a thing says Freya?!?
Played about with the phone camera on portrait mode
Not sure this one works?!?
Singled out!
Happy muddy pups and Calaidh’s not letting that frisbee go
Pretty weeds!!
There a lot of the grass round the burn that’s been flattened to give you an idea how high the water level’s been
Would have been amazing to see when it was that full
Plodding along singing our song
Isn’t nature unusual… Soak away froth!!

So after a bit of exploring throughout the day it’s safe to say I am not in the best frame of mind…. I feel very anxious, stressed and almost angry. The tension is unbelievable. My right shoulder, back and arm are sore even when I walk…. don’t worry I have not taking to walking on my hands?!?!!?

My Auntie Jac popped down for a bit today and I cried when I she asked how I was…. just wan o’ they days I guess.

The bathroom tiles arrived and had to be hand balled into the house!

I was very breathless which is the anxiety taking its toll. Thinking about a million things at once and while I had a lot to do it was nothing that was really bad. I had to get out the house for a bit though.

We went to Auchengree dam shop for a roll and a coffee. First time back there since March! they have a one way system through the shop and out the cafe.

Socially distanced tables and no longer the comfy couch in the corner by the fire!
I told her to smile!!
A lovely coffee with a special message

I felt a wee bit better after a wee trip out but had to be back for 12pm as I had a guy coming out to measure up for shutters for the bedroom window between 12 and 5. I also had 4 calls to make so did that and then we popped into the Gateside Inn for a bowl of soup.

By this time my shoulders, right arm and wrist are aching, a real toothache type pain that I just cannot shrug. I am almost tensing up by the minute. I feel angry and hate that I feel this sore.

The blinds guy turns up at 3 and no he’s not blind, measured up, quotes and goes and by this time I am almost grinding my teeth with stress.

Thankfully I have Shelagh Cumming’s Emotional Freedom Technique tapping group at 4. It was meant to stop as lockdown was eased but we all enjoyed each other’s company so much that she’s kept it running once a month.

Strangely everyone said they felt the same so we worked on the pain. How did it feel? Where was it? What was it telling us? apart from naturally calming down the tension through the tapping group, my pain was telling me that I was really tired and I needed a rest. I needed to relax.

By the end of the group I felt better. The pain does not just magically disappear but it helps us understand it and give it what it needs.

Nana nap…… from 5-6.10pm precisely. It’s now 8pm and I’ve been working on the blog since then and honestly do feel a whole lot better.

Craig made the most amazing dinner…

I’ve fought another day and you know what it was hard but I won.

Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈🌈

One thought on “Day 134 anxiety and tension takes its toll 🤯😡and…. relax… 😔

  1. Glad you got through it. Just realised that I tense a lot, grind teeth, pain in right shoulder and the one under my my right ribs seems to be related to it because I’m on holiday and it’s been non existent. That said some random lady started talking to me in the launderette yesterday and I got very nervous, anxious etc.. Did my head in. Shortness of breath… Another one one I’ve missed. Thanks Julie.


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