Day 129 a wee day out to Castle Semple Temple! ðŸ›ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ³ó £ó ´ó ¿

We had a really late night last night as the guy who bought our roof top tent didn’t get here until 8.50pm and left at 10.30pm by the time he got it on the roof!! We popped into the pub for a chat afterwards and in bed by midnight…. when was the last time I did that through lockdown?!?!

So after being up to the loo a million times through the night, we finally got up after 8 and sat and had a lovely chilled out Saturday morning. ☕️☕️🍞🍳

Donald L Reid is the Councillor for Kilbirnie & Beith, ward 7. He had posted a blog on FB where I read the following:

So I emailed him this morning with the details of my daily blog. Some of you will remember I started writing this as the Beith Townhouse has asked for a diary of life during this Covid-19 pandemic. Obviously, I pepper it with my own daily musings and moaning a but I do still try to mention how the virus is affecting our lives.

Claire next door messaged about going out for a walk and I told her today was a day off dog walking for me (novelty!!!!!) so yes but without the pupsters. So we went to the Castle Semple Temple otherwise known as Kenmuir Hill Temple.

Temple selfie!
From inside
The remains of the roof
The view is a surprise!
You have no idea walking up the hill that you have this view of Castle Semple Loch until you get up beside it!
I have the temple on my shoulder 😂
Playing with the new phone zoom
We walked back down the front of the hill towards the Loch and picked up the farm track to the cycle path
Farm path to the field of cows, thankfully we were walking away from them!!
Temple on the hill
View from the cycle path gate
Cycle path to Paisley
Under the road which got me wondering how I would get back to the van!!
Giant concrete wheeled bike
Pretty weeds!
Social distancing requirements laid out
We drove down into Lochwinnoch and parked to go to the Junction Café.
Claire hadn’t brought her mask so I had to wait in the queue until people came out
Brownie!!!!! Which was covering up some Millionaires shortbread which was just to die for!
We sat at the junction in Lochwinnoch and people watched for ages
This was our view!
Claire’s first Abbie selfie!

So home and feet up and after typing all this I have just had the longest nana nap…. was so good as I was cozy with the sun in the sunroom!! Must have been asleep for a bout 2 hours…… 🥱😴🥱😴

Popped into the pub for a couple of drinks with Jim, Megan, Fiona and Kenny and had a good wee chat. Home for salmon salad with potatoes picked 20mins ago!!

Stay safe everyone 💜❤️💜

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