Day 122 snuck up on the dog hair & blitzed it & having friends round for the first time since lockdown! 🌈

Did my best work sneaking up on the housework this morning, it wasn’t planned but I took the dog hair in the house by storm… it was EVERYWHERE!!

My new solution for the sunroom couch… well there’s no hair on the cushions!?!?!
Our little doggy door stop died a death and finally had to be binned… dogs eh?!? Who’d have them?!
This was before I hoovered… I scrubbed my converse on the rug!!!

In between the housework hours I did a wander round the garden seeing what came on in the last torrential rain showers!

Our hydrangea
The whole bush!
Claire’s hydrangea poking through the fence!
And this one!
The sweet peas are finally budding
Tomatoes coming on great guns!
Puppers 2 & 3 walked while Calaidh was at work with Craig
Bhru struggled to find a stone in the swollen burn!
Some wildflowers
Yip thistles again
Our local bull… tried to get him to look up for a pic but he was having none of it!

Came home from the walk and went to Tesco in Kilbirnie for supplies for our visitors tonight. Got myself a lovely selection of Alcohol Free drinks! Knew I was being really snarky when I got home, really short tempered so decided to go for a wee lie down. Got into bed while Craig was working in the office, had all 3 dogs coorie in with me and I woke up at 18.16pm!!!!!!! A much nicer person I might add…..

Huge rush for shower, changed, dinner and some eyeliner and mascara on, check me….


Spending the evening with our neighbours Jim and Fiona in the sunroom with all 3 dogs… why is it they always need to be exactly where we are all the time…. might be they had their eye on the cheese and biscuits. So lovely to see them (not the dogs) and get a good chat! Jim realised he was in Grans chair just before he went home so spent the last drink reclining before getting himself up to standing ready to leave. Everyone loves Grans chair!!


So it’s now 23.22 and Craig’s just relit the fire but I’m going to bed…. a girl can never have too much sleep in one day. It’s been a good day, it feels good to have the house clean and been lovely to see our friends after all this time.

Stay safe everyone 💜💛🧡

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