Day 120 Bhruic’s moulting now too so I am moving out until it’s over… (not told Craig yet 👍🏼😬😆)

I was up at 7.20 and on a call with Sonia who runs Pawsitive Solutions calls at 8am. Going to cover all the calls for a few weeks when she’s on holiday 😱😱😱 it’s fine and I will be ok, I may need 3 weeks off to recover and don’t expect much from me in between 🤣🤣🤣

You wouldn’t think I used to hold down at full time job, getting up at 5.30, out by 6.30 and not home till at least 6.30 or 7pm at night?!? How times have changed…. I’m exhausted by making a few phone calls!!

Anyway, back to the dog hair, I had to run my neighbour to the garage in Barrmill this morning and I came back home to this.

You’d think there’d been a massacre?!?

So Bhruic has joined Freya in the moulting gang and it’s coming out of her in barrow loads!!

A wee 10 second brush gave me this?!?!? I mean wtf?!?

So I think the only way I can cope is to move into the camper van for a few weeks…. as empty as it is. This hair casting malarkey is not gonna be fun. I’m off…. bye…. oh right ok, course I actually can’t do that I just need to try and shut my eyes and get over it. Even the grass outside has a white dog hair hue to it?!?!?! 🤬😤

So in an effort to avoid, Auntie Jac came down today and we went to her friend Anne’s house to deliver some paint. Jac and Anne up cycle furniture. Jac’s business is Transforming Treasures and Anne’s is something I can’t quite remember and Auntie Jac hasn’t replied quickly enough!!!😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤣. Anne has the enormous cuddly German shepherd who’s fluff-ball coat is firmly attached to his body and there was absolutely none of it anywhere that I could see. Except on him. Just as it should be. Good dog.

Cydo is just stunning and not a hair out of place 😆😘

However, at the same time I was being a very bad daughter-in-law as I was meant to be babysitting my in-laws Chihuahua Cookie at 1pm as they went for lunch with friends in the Gateside Inn….. got home at 1.30pm.

Lots of cuddles with Cookie…. who’s hair is firmly attached to her body too. Good dog. Just as it should be.
Me and Jac rocking the new masks from the little gift shop in Beith.

Had to take Cookster back into the pub for 3pm as I had my Emotional Freedom Tapping Group. So managed to Cookie sit for a whole hour and 15 mins. Was lovely to see my mawlaw and pawlaw even for such a short time.

Check out my friend on the tapping group today before the last 2 joined… she was giving off some serious spaceman light vibe which was actually just the blind behind her head which was letting some light it but freaky…. she was told this would make it into the blog but you can’t see her anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Lovely Shelagh in the top left corner has agreed to continue our wee group on the first Thursday of each month as we’ve all enjoyed it so much and have really helped as a group. (Anne I took this pic before you joined so you had a lucky escape!) it was really only set up to connect through lockdown but it’s been so good to meet regularly with likeminded people. 💜

Then…. I had another 5 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions! Only got through to 2 and booked them both! Oor Craigie is going to be busier than a really busy thing!!

I’ve had to find my brave
I got sent this today for a wee smile 😂
I get these emails from the Universe every day…. do not laugh…. I can see you, stop it! Thought this was good enough to share
Craig was working in Stirling today so had Calaidh pose outside Stirling Castle. Not a hair out of place on the wee pup. Good girl, just as it should be… check the blue sky too?!? We never saw any of that here!
Sharing with you all from my pet hair covered home.

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

2 thoughts on “Day 120 Bhruic’s moulting now too so I am moving out until it’s over… (not told Craig yet 👍🏼😬😆)

  1. Was good to see you too Julie, and Craig briefly between his dog behaviourist workload. Lunch was amazing as always in the Gateside Inn. Missed seeing the pups but didn’t want to interrupt your calls. Next time. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry I screwed it all up!! Lovely to have cookie cuddles for a wee while and hope you enjoyed time with Aunt Margaret xxx


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