Day 114 wee drive in Abbie the camper van with m’auntie & wee evening in the pub (alcohol free of course) 😆

Up at 7.30 had a coffee then set about tidying up the mess from dinner last night, really must remember to do it at night before I go to bed but was so shattered after a busy day that I couldn’t be bothered at all… regret it in the morning though.

Jac came down for 10am and we decided to go out for a wee drive past The Little Coffee Caravan as it would be rude not to!! Even toyed with taking mum over some cake yesterday but it wasn’t opened when I passed. So I got an almond latte and a Cadbury’s Fudge blondie and it was soooooo good!

Had a lovely wee chat with them again about the puppies they are getting soon! I recommended a dog behaviourist 😆

We then drove to Stewarton to pop past one of Jac’s “painty pals” (Anne) who up cycles furniture. Was a nice wee drive and saw a part of Stewarton I’d never been to before. Love a new road, me!

Check this big guy called Cydo. He is huge!!!!
Even this doesn’t show his true size!! He’s certainly the biggest Alsatian I’ve seen!!
This is Anne’s other wee teeny toaty dog Bubbles and my large knee!!

It actually rained ALL day. We drove from Stewarton through to Ardrossan, sat at the beach and shared a sandwich and back up the coast back home. No pics as everything was so bleak in the pouring rain. The sea was the same colour as the sky and we couldn’t see it for rain on the windscreen! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😳 it was a lovely wee drive though.

Back home at 2pm and had another 2 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions and since Kinesiology this week I barely feel any real anxiety. Nothing like the stomach churning, toe curling experience that I’ve been feeling since I started. It’s such a relief as I genuinely love chatting to the people.

So that’s “work” finished for the week and we have a whole 3 days together as this is Craig’s birthday weekend as he’ll be a whole 45 on Monday!

We went into the pub late afternoon and caught up with a few neighbours. Had a good laugh!

Yeah I’m still wearing my shorts pretending it’s summer….
This is Gemma the lovely barmaid one the pub sporting her mask
I have no words…

Actually important to note that I finally have taken the plunge and upgraded my phone. The spare one is been using has been getting screen flickers at the bottom repeating pictures from the top and the size of my photo box was slowing everything down. I now have a humongous sized memory and am going to take a lot of my phots off. This is the first pic I took with the new phone which nearly broke the lens…. 😬🙄😆 but whatever a difference in clarity!

Interesting to note that day 111 post will still not publish………. I will never stop trying as it’s become somewhat of a mission with me.

So I’m not gonna look up any coronavirus news as I’m really tired. My feet are up, the fire is on, the takeaway is ordered, the pups are crazy, Craig is blowing raspberries at them and driving them wild but it’s my lovely wee world.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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