Day 102 helped get our village pub ready for opening tomorrow & mother-in-laws lockdown birthday 🎉🎊🛍🎁🎀

A lazy morning with coffee and breakfast as we had to be in the pub next door to help our neighbour set up for the beer garden opening tomorrow. All Covid-19 restrictions have to be in place so Craig helped measure out the tables in the beer garden to make sure they were all 2m apart. Of the 6 tables they had they could only make 5 fit in with the required guidelines.

I posted on the Gateside Inn FB page to tell everyone they could start phoning to book tables. No one can just turn up now as there’s not enough space. The pub needs to allocate table for up to 3 hours to a clean down of the table before the next people come in. The entrance will be through the beer garden door.

We moved all the tables between the back door and the toilets so that people can pass each other with plenty space but only one person can be in the toilets at any one time.

It’s really sad that so much is changing but it had to be adhered to to ensure the virus doesn’t spread.

The following photos show the amazing job I did stacking up the crisps and nuts 🤣🤣🤣I obviously don’t get out much 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 Given that I’m alcohol free I thought I’d better not post photos of all the booze. I did get the fridges all stocked up while Craig sorted everything out in the cellar storage and Holly did all the important stuff with the kegs.


I read this morning that a top scientist guy said that the British government is opening things up to try and manage the virus to specific numbers. He said that Downing Streets policy was to try and “maintain” the current 3,000 new cases a day rate. However this means an excess 27,000 people will die before April as a result. What a decision to make. What a gamble…. those 27,000 people are alive right now. I know that’s obvious but just think about that…..

Many of the drunken scenes were totally disrespectful to the NHS last night. People crowded into pubs and a top police chief said they had dealt with naked men, angry drunks, happy drunks then more angry drunks, arrests etc. These huge gatherings are putting way more pressure on the NHS after asking all these key workers to put their lives on the line to deal with the first wave just so “we” can have a good time.

Just shocking…

The World Health Organisation have reported a huge increase in cases across the world…. 212,326 new cases in one day. The States are seeing around 50-52K a day…

And this news is terrifying….. Donald Trump is putting the United States at risk big time.

In much nicer news we helped Craig’s mum celebrate her lockdown birthday! We went back up to theirs and sat out in the gazebo bar again and this time Craig’s brother Stuart and his wife Lee were there too! I’ll just as in a whole bunch of photos as we had a lovely time. Was great to see them all but it’s now 22.18 and I’m one tired girl!!! Happy birthday to my lovely mawlaw!

Pups first time in Abbie the camper but they just won’t pose nicely 🤦🏻‍♀️😆
Back in oor wee corner in the gazebo!
Stuart and Lee brought treats!! Lotsa puppy love for treats!
Birthday outside in the rain but we kept pretty dry when the heavens opened
The outdoor bar!
Calaidh found a safe place to hide when the rain came on!
Check wee Willow! She is a gorgeous wee giant fluff ball!
Love this pic of Craig with all the tri-coloured dogs! A chihuahua in his arms, Border Collie under the seat and a Sheltie at his feet!
Willow posing with Cookie!
Bhru steals Calaidh’s corner
Astrid the Sheltie watching Bhru getting pats
Astrid plants a perfect soaking wet paw on Craig’s jeans!
Astrid on Cookie’s cushion with Willow wanting a shot
Astrid moves and Willow’s straight in there!!!
Bhru and Freya just desperate to play outside
Difficult to get everyone in the pic while socially distanced!
Yet for Calaidh it’s still all about the ball!
Helen and Doug the in laws!
Cookie chilling with Auntie Lee
Just about to head home
Pups ready
Not loving the pose in the back of Abbie the camper
8/10 for this one pups!
Astrid and Willow ready for the off

We had a lovely day helping our lovely neighbours and seeing the Avery/Jamieson’s today. it’s not 22.43 and I’m ready for bed now!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

2 thoughts on “Day 102 helped get our village pub ready for opening tomorrow & mother-in-laws lockdown birthday 🎉🎊🛍🎁🎀

  1. Great blog Julie.
    I had an amazing birthday with hubby Douglas. Great to see Stuart and Lee, Craig and Julie, Lisa, Marianna and Max were there earlier. I feel life is returning to a new normal. At least in Scotland. We will continue to take care. 💕

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