Day 94 I choose to feel good ❤️ check me 🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

It’s 9.03am and I am sitting in Grans Chair in the sunroom feeling thoughtful. In a good way….

I decided to pick another meditation this morning and do it before I got up. I kinda let it pick me as it was the first one suggested on YouTube. I am amazed by the timings of these meditations as the minute they are finished, I get interrupted… almost as if everything else is on hold until it’s finished. Today was I CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD – SUZANNE ROBICHAUD it’s a short 15 mins and a great way to start the day. I choose to feel good. I choose my thoughts. I choose to feel happy. ❤️❤️

Strangely after choosing to be happy, I want to talk about the effect that lockdown easing seems to be having on our country which is not necessarily positive. The fact is that I truly don’t understand it. There is nothing about this that makes sense? Why do people think it’s ok to congregate in huge crowds? Have we all been so sheltered from the virus that we have become complacent and think we can’t catch it? Are we just so desperate to get back to normality that we don’t care?

Let’s face it, I’ve been living the life of a hermit for the last 18 months. I have no desire whatsoever to even go to a crowded shopping centre let alone the crowds that have been gathering in some places. Maybe I’m not the best person to talk about it as more than 6 people can be too many for me! 🤭🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆 some examples in the news just now…

People are leaving beauty spots totally littered
My lovely friend Kat lives in Filey on the coast…. she took this photo. Yeah stuff made it to the bins but take it home if it doesn’t fit. Don’t just dump it.
Freya is trying to stop me writing…. with kisses on the nose 🥴
It’s hard work all this cuddling…. she’s moulting just now so you end up a hair fest by the time she leaves!!
Bhru looking super cute!
One jumps down and another jumps up…..

So yeah back to the big groups, my thoughts are always interrupted by dogs!!! I don’t get it and it makes me sad that people can be so selfish and not care about each other. The track and trace app they talk about is t gonna be of any use to anyone. How can you tell everyone you’ve been close to when you’ve been in huge crowds like this. the virus has to spike again as a result. Surely. I promise to be more cheery moving on!

Sky News yesterday
This made me laugh!!
Just this ❤️

I always knew there would be a time when my struggles made me realise my potential. I’m actually grateful for the chance to have my eyes opened to the world and to nature and realise there is more to my life than the corporate grind. I have gone through long periods of being terrified of not being employed by a big successful company. Yet here I am now. Life is so much simpler and yet it still goes on. I am happier. I think I can speak for Craig when I say we are happier. Life is for living.

Went off out with the dogs this morning once the heavy rain stopped but always guessed the heavens might open again and they did but it was amazing!! Instead of getting all upset that I was getting soaked, I put on a tune that Craig and I used to listen to every weekend to kick us out of bed!

Caliban’s Dream

Absolutely soaking but so amazingly happy listening to “and the rain tossed about us in the garden of the world, but a flame arrives to guide us….” my meditation this morning had been about watching the flame of a candle and the wax burning down the side!
Still taking photos in the torrential rain!
Yes even “just” daisy’s looked beautiful today.
So dark on the way home but it was stopping
The garden is blooming in the rain

Home, showered and clothes straight in the machine. Then got going on some housework, made Banaba bread (which seems to be a lockdown staple!) and then made a fish salad for late lunch when Craig came home from work. I seem to be on fire today!!

It was bloody good. It looks a wee bit well fired on the outside but that’s just a crispy crust….. yum.

So I’m not really sure what happened with the rest of the day (I say that and it’s only 17.37 just now but I have had the loveliest 2 hour nana nap…. yes…. again!)

Craig, Freya, Bhru and I have been in the sunroom watching the rain, looking up Overland Bound stuff on line and generally just chilling. I feel very blessed to have my family around me and Calaidh must just be in a huff in the other room 🤭😆

I feel a movie night coming on. We’ve been watching reruns of Veep which is really funny and the laugh has been good. Saturday night always feels like it should be a blockbuster style movie!! Trying to make a lockdown Saturday night a bit different from every other night.

So yes… a lovely, lovely, lovely day.

This has been so true today
I lived with what felt like constant daily rejection in my working life… for one reason or another. It just wasn’t who I wanted to be. I’m much closer now 🧡
I am waving over the top today 🙋🏻‍♀️💜
Family and friends 💜💜💜💜💜

Now just as a wee funny….. I have no control which picture from this blog becomes the main focus when it publishes to FB. I hope by putting this last it won’t be this picture FB picks. If it does…. I’m sorry Dad but I loved this too much not to share. 🤭😬🤷🏻‍♀️

Dad says he can’t read the paper with his mask on 😆
Mum also sent me pics from their garden… giving dad another chance not to be front and centre!!

Thanks again everyone for sticking with me on this. I’m feeling the love today and hope you are too.

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

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