Day 74 an I saw my Auntie Jac for a walk and a blether 🥰☀️and we’d both washed oor hair!!

Awake at 7.15 this morning, up, coffee and shower, hair DRIED with a HAIR DRYER… an actual hairdryer for the first time in a very long time… you’d think I was making an effort eh?!

Craig has a job in Grangemouth today and Jac lives 10-15 mins away so I thought I’d go up with him so we could catch up.

As we left today we saw the sign for Louise’s 14th birthday next door above the pub… cool banner and one of the balloons is in our garden so must have blown over! The dogs had been eyeing it up suspiciously!
On the M8 into Glasgow
On the road in the Jeep for the first time in ages but without the borders!!
Glasgow & the Clyde from the Kingston Bridge- shadow of roof top tent!
Charing Cross underpass has new lighting (jeez how sad am I for noticing that… 🤦🏻‍♀️)
Junction 15 M8 about the quietest I’ve seen it
Moving lanes
Arria the “angel of the ‘nauld” in Cumbernauld on the M80. Not the best pic as she looks like she’s shoving her bits out but it is kinda like that!!
The Kelpies in Falkirk
Only just managed to get the second one in a pic!!
And there she was in Asda car park awfy excited to catch up!! no hugs and kisses… she just patted the car…
We went for a wee physically distanced walk around Zealand Park in Grangemouth
An awfy dark pic but it was a lovely one!
The gardens haven’t been kept up to to Coronavirus so these poppies have grown and they looked amazing.
Me at the poppies!
This tree is surrounded by thistles which are going to look stunning when they flower. There’s a relaxed feeling to the the park being overgrown… it makes me think it didn’t have to be all manicured to look beautiful
The guy who clears this out better have good gloves!
So we found a lovely wee picnic bench in the sun and sat diagonally opposite each other… Jac had coffee…. clever… I never thought of that and of course she couldn’t bring me one as I couldn’t have used her cup and drank a coffee that she made. Such strange ways our lives have changed.
She’ll kill me for this but it was a “look who I found” as she tries to find a pic to show me without her glasses in the bright sun!

We put the world to rights in our wee hour and a half. She’s lost 38lbs in the last year with Team RH Fitness and is exercising 6 times a week and walking 15k a day but is looking amazing as a result. I knew how much she’d lost since I last saw her and was worried she would look too thin but she didn’t at all…. she looked healthy and happy and proud of herself. Girl done awfy well!!!! One day I will get there when I put the pizza down….. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 (I can hear her saying, “you can still eat pizza, I eat pizza, you just need to track it….” 😆😘 I just think that it should really be pizza in moderation!)

I told her that driving past my old work in Falkirk felt really strange to me. Like a huge trip down memory lane… I don’t work there anymore, it goes on without me, they’re successful without me, I walked away from a great salary and a great company that doesn’t need me anymore. Really hard to shake that feeling. That geographic area will always be about that job for me. We talked about how I need to think that I went through all of this because it wasn’t serving me anymore and that actually my life is much better without it. I have orchestrated a new life for myself by no longer accepting the stress it was putting me under…. I know that but it’s just that nagging fear of what once was. I have to admit I wan way happier now than I ever was any day at work. Wow, that’s even a revelation to me.

So we talked the hind legs off a donkey and then had to get back to the Asda car park to meet Craig.

One from her end of the table!!
I made her pose on this tree trunk as it was pretty cool!
I did the same…. flattering angle NOT but look at that tree!
Me and Craigie
The other side of the Clyde and Glasgow from the Kingston Bridge on the way home
Then I’m back off out again with the pups
Look how dry the grass is now the silage has been cut… Freya has a bit of hay in her mouth!!
It’s a great flat space for walks and runs tho
Walked over to the side of Spiers school grounds and Calaidh and Bhru started munching away at the grass. Dogs will self select food they think they need so something was tasty here. Freya just wants to play so waits just out of shot until Bhru wants to run again
You can’t see me….. love the old gate!
More self selection or grass munchin’
Straight over the hill, through the fence and into the burn! There’s a big bit of rubbish in there that I need to get out when I’ve got my wellies on!
It turned into a really lovely afternoon… look at the clouds
Tweedledee and tweedledum
Posing in the long grass
I can see the coo, mum!
The wee fairy glen
These wild flowers were just at the side of the road
Zoomed in

Popped next door to wish Louise a happy 14th and give her a present. She has 2 friends round who’s parents dropped them off for a socially distanced “party”. She’ll not forget this birthday in a hurry.

Claire came into the garden with her own cuppa and we sat like civilised human beings and hat a socially distanced chat on the ground rather than up a ladder! Check us… forgot to take pics tho!

I’m not even gonna look up the Coronavirus stats tonight. I’ve had the loveliest day and I can’t wait to meet up with mum and dad and other people that I haven’t seen for so long. It’s a strange world we live in now. As a hugger I don’t know what to do now when I see people as the urge to hug is very strong!

Craigie will be proud!

Leads me to a quick couple of asides…. called mum and dad today to tell them about my meet up with Jac and mum said she is sad that dad is the only person she can hug now.. dad quietly mumbles so is he! They make me laugh! We have decided that Craig is to start proof reading these before I put them out as I’ve had a few typos in the past…. Craig changes to Raif at times…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ he might start this spellchecker tomorrow! His fault if there are any typos tonight 😆😘

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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