Day 68 finally walked in the right direction for Tianna Falls and it’s STILL abroad heat hot in Scotland!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️🏝

Another amazing day….. couldn’t decide whether to get up at 8 or stay in bed and Craig said “it’s sunny…” so I shoot out of bed only to assume he was getting up too. It would since appear not after I tornado around the house and let the dogs run amok even suggesting Calaidh goes to find him… 🤷🏻‍♀️😬 so now we are all awake, some of us are slightly more grumpy than others by was my bad.

By the time Craig’s come through I’ve emptied and filled the dishwasher and fed the dogs so he sticks some bacon on…. bacon rolls and coffee for brekkie.

Holly next door suggested heading to Tianna Falls today since I took Claire on a wild goose chase on Thursday and headed in the wrong direction. I think I said in a previous blog, Holly remembers finding these falls when she was about 6 years old as her gran lived on the main A737 and thinking it was such a magical place. She offered to take me there and let her girls see it too.

Calaidh being “The Littlest Hobo” (bet Craig reads this and asks why Calaidh’s way out in front on her own….. the roads were empty down near the Munitions place).
Farmland looking lovely in the sun
The entrance to Tianna Falls, so relived not to be climbing through a hedge… there is an actual path!
Ruins of the old Kersland Mill
Walk round the side of the ruins
Ta-dah! Even the dogs are impressed!!
Film of the falls
Close up…
Lovely pic of the girls!
The girls right in the water and Calaidh is fixated on a stick!!
Calaidh went in deeper than I’ve seen in along time! Spot the stick…
Rachel’s in control of the stick
It’s in there somewhere!
Rachel almost lost her balance but she did really well!
❤️ this
She’s been sitting waiting for the stick to be thrown for so long the water stopped moving… fixated much!
One final pic before we head off

spen about an hour 15 down there. Moved 3 T-shirt’s, 2 cans and a packet of crisps from the water to hide them a bit in the undergrowth. 2 adult and one kids T-shirt just left in the water….😳

View over towards Largs
On our way back, it’s blistering hot!
Check Leo! Calaidh was up there too but I just missed her!!
Checking out the coos
The field in Reek Street is full of buttercups just now 🌼🌼🌼
Cluny house in Reek Street puts out water for dogs on hot days! Calaidh took the bit of paper off and spat it to one side when she was done drinking!!!!
Sun on Main Road and no cars!!

The weathers just been so amazing today that everything look so stunning. I’m now lying in “Craig’s” hammock and could almost sleep… 18,282 steps done vs 27,003 the day I made Claire walk in the completely wrong direction!!

In Coronavirus updates the UK are now over 38,000 deaths….. 300 + the other day and 115 in the last 24 hours. England are set to announce new lockdown easing measures too rotor but I don’t think that they will apply to is. Craig’s been down at his friend Paul’s today and their two kids, under 6, were both great at social distancing. Normally Craig would get loads of cuddles and kisses but they stayed well back.. Paul and Craig went for a socially distanced walk. Life has changed so much since we saw them last. It makes me sad that the kids can’t hug anyone anymore as they were always great for a wee cuddle. But I know we all have to stay safe!

Just when you’re having a nice wee hammock moment you get Bhruic’d
It’s no braw but try taking a selfie on a hammock with a dog!!

So last night we sat out until about 8.30 when the sun started to disappear. It was so peaceful, just the birds twittering away…. and the smell of muck spreading from the nearby fields!!

My view lying on the new deck
Strange cloud formations
Our new sunset!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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